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HOW LONG DOES A TYPICAL INSTALL TAKE? A typical install for a two car garage is 8-10 hours from arrival on job site to leaving job site.

ARE THERE TEMPERATURE LIMITATIONS? Not really. Some certified installers work year round and others take time off when the bad weather arrives. We can install up to -30°c.

WHAT EQUIPMENT IS REQUIRED TO INSTALL A FLOOR? Hand grinders with abrasive concrete pads, heavy duty floor grinder, generator, trailer, high-power Hepa filter vacuum system.

HOW LONG BEFORE MY FLOOR CAN RETURN TO SERVICE? Foot traffic in as little as 2 hours and vehicle traffic in as few as 24 hours. Generally 24-48 hour before return to  full service.

HOW LONG WILL MY NEW FLOOR LAST? Our coatings are resistant to hot-tire pickup. Most of our installers are so confident in our coatings that they offer a 15 year warranty.
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The most thorough, hands-on training in the industry. Come and install a couple of garage floors with the most knowledgeable applicators in Canada. We offer the only private training sessions available, and we train installing in residential garages, not in a classroom / warehouse. We manufacture the highest quality polyaspartic materials.   


Unique and Superior Properties
• One-Day Installation with Next-Day Return to Service, foot traffic in just 2-4 hours
• 3-4x More Abrasion Resistant than Epoxy & Urethane Systems
• Low Temperature Application (-30f to 150f)
• 100% UV Clear with Excellent Color & Gloss Retention

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