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Outstanding abrasion resistance, superior adhesion to concrete, and a resistance to a vast array of chemicals makes Iron Man Coatings® the easy choice when it comes to residential, commercial, and industrial concrete coating systems.

Not all coatings are equal! We are a Canadian company dedicated to delivering the best products and technology available. Our low VOC Polyaspatic Polyurea concrete coatings can be applied year-round to concrete floors in just one day. We offer the highest quality Polyaspartic Polyurea commercial floor coatings, and crack & joint fill products. Iron Man's Polyaspartic Polyurea outperforms Epoxy, Urethane, and Hybrid Systems with its superior durability and performance characteristics. Our polyaspartic concrete floor coatings are backed by strict quality control measures that equate to uniform roll-on properties and superior performance. In conjunction with our North American distributor, Park Place Garage Co, we are dedicated to providing the best training, service, and products available.

Our concrete coating technology allows for a fast, one-day installation process. Unlike epoxy and hybrid coating systems, our trained applicators can install a polyaspartic floor coating in just hours, not days. Our polyaspartic floor coatings can be applied in any temperature or humidity level. Contact us today to learn how Iron Man polyaspartic coatings can work for you.
Residential Applications

Our beautiful and durable floor coatings will add curb appeal and value of you home. It's a nice feeling to come home to a clean garage.

These seamless coatings will transform your garage or home workshop concrete into a beautiful surface that is hard to stain, easy to clean & maintain, and impervious to oil and gas. It forms a waterproof membrane on your floor.

We offer many solutions for residential concrete including solid colors, and our most popular chip system, which is similar to granite in appearance.

Don't worry about you old stains, cracks, and damage to your concrete....we repair and prep all defects before our sealer coat goes down. The process usually takes all day, and involves repairs, crack chasing, diamond grinding (only way to get a proper bond) and 3 coats of Polyaspartic. As little as 2 hours later you can walk on your new floor, and get your car back inside as little as 24 hours after completion!

Also consider our coatings for your concrete patios, walkways, basements, and home gyms.
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The most thorough, hands-on training in the industry. Come and install a couple of garage floors with the most knowledgeable applicators in Canada. We offer the only private training sessions available, and we train installing in residential garages, not in a classroom / warehouse. We manufacture the highest quality polyaspartic materials.   


Unique and Superior Properties
• One-Day Installation with Next-Day Return to Service, foot traffic in just 2-4 hours
• 3-4x More Abrasion Resistant than Epoxy & Urethane Systems
• Low Temperature Application (-30f to 150f)
• 100% UV Clear with Excellent Color & Gloss Retention

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